I’m having trouble with “reports” through API

I am developing an app that handles scheduling bids for campaigns and keywords, and need to be able to get the clicks, costs, sales etc. to analyse and make suggestions.

The only way I can see to get this data is by requesting and then downloading reports (requests to /V2/so/{recordtype}/report) as described here: advertising.amazon.com/API/docs/en-us/reference/sponsored-products/2/reports

This gives a report for all campaigns/adgroups/keywords in a profile, but only returns up to 100 results. However I can’t find any mention of this limit in the documentation, nor how to get the next set of results, or get results for specific campaigns etc.

Has anyone got any experience with this?

I’m not familiar with that specific report, but most of the AMWS reports return limited results in each set.
There’s usually a token returned with the first set of results that lets you request the next set in the sequence.