I’m getting nuts trying to find the right business credit card

I opened a LLC to start Amazon FBA. I am looking for a credit / debit card with good options to pay providers worldwide and a business bank account that doesn’t charge high fees in case needed to make payments abroad.

Please any suggestions/recommendations…? What do you use and what advantages you get?

Thank you so much!

I use wise and payoneer.

Wise is most suitable with very low fees but unfortunately wise card is not active for USA business (as far as I know).

Thats why we have to use payoneer. Payoneer is also good and work fine for me.

I use wise for ACH payments.

You can explore other physical bank options as well, as you are in US.

Make sure you make wise and payoneer account on your LLC details

Chase bank or M&T bank are good options too for a business account.