I’m a UK based seller selling in Europe, how will I get paid?

Hi, I’m a UK based seller selling in the UK, and other EU Amazon marketplaces. My bank account is in the UK.
My question is: when a seller from, say Spain, purchases my product, they will pay in Euros, so what options do I have to receive that money?

I understand one of the options is by using Amazon Currency Convertor for Sellers. What fees are involved in this? How can I check the exchange rate? And what other options are out there for me to receive those Euro funds?


Disbursements can only be made in the currency of the country where the bank account is located. So you will have to use the Amazon Currency Convertor for Sellers to receive any funds from international sales into your UK bank account.

If you sell something on any of Amazon EU marketplaces, your balance there will be shown in euros, but disbursed to you in pounds. There are no other options available.

Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers uses the exchange rate of the day, when the transfer to your bank account is initiated. So the rate keeps changing. According to my experience, the exchange rate is terrible.

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Hi, thanks for that.
I managed to dig up the following options.

One is that you can open a WorldFirst account, second is open a transferwise account.

What they do is provide you an online account in Europe/USA with full details and instructions. Now you can use this account for disbursement. Amazon will pay you EUR directly in to this account.

Now when the exchange rate is suitable you can transfer from your WorldFirst or TransferWise account to your local account.

Some charge a fix amount for transfers, whilst others charge a %. But it’s still supposed to work out better than Amazon’s Currency Exchange rate.

Hope this helps.