I just need a little help I just started selling on Amazon

I have some phone cases that I’m trying to sell but they have Nike and marvel logo on them and I just wanted to know if I needed brand approval to sell them or how do I go about selling them the help would be much appreciated and I thank y’all in advance

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To sell phone cases with Nike and Marvel logos on Amazon, you usually need brand approval from Nike and Marvel. Contact them directly to inquire about their requirements. Selling without authorization may lead to listing removal or suspension. Also, ensure you’re not infringing on intellectual property rights. Review Amazon’s guidelines and reach out to their support for further assistance. Good luck!

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Better luck selling on eBay honestly.

Hello @Zayn

Chances of getting a letter from Nike and/or Marvel approving you to sell their products on Amazon is between zero and none.

The easiest thing to do is find a Nike and/or Marvel product you want to sell already listed, then use Add products function to find it.

Seller Central > Catalog > Add products

When the item displays, just click on Apply to sell button and the requirements to gain approval is displayed. If you need invoices, you can purchase Nike and/or Marvel products at an authorized wholesale distributor (in the USA).

It will be tough to get approval for major brands, but you can try,