I have two invoices to pay Amazon. How do I pay them?

I’ve had an email telling me I have two invoices. I looked at them and would like to pay them and close my seller account. On looking at the invoices, there’s no “Pay now” etc button. How do I pay them from my balance, then close my seller account as I’m not making any money from Amazon and am quite busy and could do without it tbh!

Are these invoices related to your Amazon Payments account or just a regular seller account on Amazon?

If these are invoices for services, the funds will be deducted out of your available balance or in case it doesn’t cover the amount, Amazon will charge your credit card on file.

You would need to provide more information about the specific invoices if you would like better advice.

To close your Seller Account, go into “Contact Us” - “Your Account” - “Change selling plan or close account” and click on “Request account closure”.

This will only work if the account balance is zero and 90 days past the last transaction passed.

After closing the account, it won’t be possible to have it reopened. So I would suggest you to simply downgrade it and then leave it like this until you change your mind.

Don’t forget to regularly visit it to ensure there is a valid credit card on file and prevent a suspension.