I have trouble with the verification team regarding this establishment issue for over a week now


I’ve sent them exactly what they’ve asked for multiple times then they ask for something else which I’ve already sent them. It goes an loop and endless loop. I then contact the selling partners for the 20th time explaining the situation and they say the same thing as before that it’s high priority and the verification team will be in touch shortly. They then message me asking for the documents I’ve already sent them multiple times.

What do I do? I can’t get out of this loop and at the end of the month I’ll have my funds stopped even though I’ve sent them the right documents.

I need help.

It’s a shambles I’m afraid. You and thousands of other sellers have been caught up in this. Many have waited for months so 1 week is nothing.

All I can suggest is that you don’t just resend the same stuff again and again. Check for anything that may be causing the rejection, remembering that the documents are read by AI, not by people.

If all info is correct, names and addresses exactly right etc, try resending in a different format and in higher resolution.