I have some questions. Can any senior guide me on this?


First of all, thank you for this forum. We have a lot to learn on a daily basis from the experience of expert and senior sellers.

I am new to Amazon FBA Wholesale.

I have shortlisted some products that fulfill the basic criteria of wholesale FBA and have extracted brand names from these products. What is the best way to reach the best distributors or wholesalers to source the product?

I contacted brands through email, but some of them are not interested in giving new wholesale accounts, and some don’t reply back. Should I call them next?

Or should I find reliable distributors and wholesalers, obtain their product catalogues, and do reverse hunting, etc.?

What would be the most effective and time-saving method?

Currently, I am working in the beauty category. Some of my seniors told me not to work in that category, as beauty products are more associated with Section 3 issues and suspensions, even when you source from authentic wholesalers. Is this true?

Thank you in advance.

If your goal is to work exclusively on brand deals, good luck with that! Most likely, by the end of next year, you’ll still be in the same position as today—still looking to buy your first deal.

It’s better to start with safe brands (those with no IP history) and purchase from distributors or wholesalers. Big brands like L’Oréal, Nestlé, Vichy, Lego, etc., are unlikely to open a trade account with you unless you are a significant player and know what you’re doing.

Here are a few tips for you:

  1. Email Brands: Reach out to brands to ask for their distributors. Many brands are happy to share this information.
  2. Trade Shows: Check which brands are attending trade shows.
  3. Online Search: Use Google with keywords like “brands + wholesale” or “brand + distributor.” Experiment with different keywords.
  4. Supplier Search: Search for a specific supplier on Google. On the right side, you should see similar results leading you to other suppliers. Repeat this process until you have a big list.
  5. LinkedIn: Apply the same strategy on LinkedIn to find suppliers and distributors.

ASD in Vegas coming up soon. Be there.

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Thank you so much! That’s very helpful.

Currently applying some of these strategies too.

Hope to find some best suppliers to start my journey.

Thank you again

What do you meant by the term trade show? Can you please elaborate it?

A trade show is an event where different brands and companies come together to promote their services and businesses.

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