I have one question regarding selling in different countries

Currently, I am selling in Germany FBM and want to expand to other countries and use FBA.

Do I need to create a new listing for selling the same products, or can I copy the same products and add them to different marketplaces?

There’s 2 ways, one of them is faster but requires more work, the other is slower but automated:

Fast way: use “add a product” on each marketplace (UK, DE, FR, ES, IT), use the ASIN or the exact same EAN as the product identifier, you will need to manually translate the listing into the respective languages.

Slower way:

Go to settings → fulfillment by Amazon settings → cross border fulfillment settings → Automatic Listing Creation

make sure this is enabled (I believe it’s enabled by default when you sign up to pan-EU).

Now once a listing has been created, based on various criteria (brand and category mainly, sales rank if not) Amazon will automatically create a listing on each market, automatically translated. However depending on how well the ASIN is expected to perform it may take anything from a few minutes to several weeks for this to happen.

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