I have a question that I am having trouble finding a solid answer

I have an item that I want to sell on Amazon.

It is a pet ID tag, with multiple designs and the ability to add custom text.

Since it is customizable, I need to ship it from my house.

How do I go about creating a listing, with variations, and custom text, that I can sell from home?

As of right now when I tried to add a new product, and then add variations it is asking me for the product ID numbers which I have not bought because I do not need yet.

Thank you

You can take GTIN exemption and create more variation under GTIN.
Or you can Add multiple images or using a compilation video of Different tags.

You’re better off selling on Etsy if there’s customizing for each customer

That’s where I’m at now. Figured since I already had the seller account going, id list a few things I do well with on Etsy.

I’m currently looking for some small items to list, before I get my samples and big order from Alibaba, instead of the pet id tags.

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So it sounds like you should do FBM and then list the popular designs

Yeah that’s also what I just figured out I’m doing wrong. I’m currently registering to sell handmade goods.

I don’t even have capability yet to offer customization, according to what I just read, let alone the knowledge to list variations.

I’m usually a very quick learner, but this Amazon selling has me scratching my head last few days

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My advice is you should just keep 1 design and only sell that design until you see some consistent sales. Then you can add a second design and so on.

Your customers can go to your Etsy store if they want customization

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Thank you, will keep that in mind

Apply for GTIN exemption against your category then you can list without UPC