I have a question regarding taxes

We are an EU based company and we sell via Amazon FBA in USA. We sent shipment to Joliet FBA and our freight company try to charge us some Customs GST. I googled about it and yes, it looks like something similar to VAT in Europe. But we have never got any invoices with that taxes before, so this attempt looks tricky for me.
Maybe someone in this group had similar situation or can explain me must we pay it or nor?
Freight company didn’t provide any proof of payment from their side for us.

Depending on which terms of carriage you signed with your freight forwarder, if it’s DDP terms of carriage, your carrier will do the customs clearance and tax payment for you, and you don’t need to pay any more customs duties.


Every business venture that touches the U.S. market, there are a number of U.S. tax issues that need be considered for foreign sellers. According to the information I found, VAT is not applicable in the US. However, there are other taxes that may apply such as sales tax and customs duties.

I would recommend contacting your freight company and asking them for more information about the Customs GST they are trying to charge you. They should be able to provide you with an invoice or proof of payment.


No customs charges for DDP shipping! Unless it is full container, did you pass these fees with your forwarder before?

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