I have a question rather confusion I would say

There are certain products with my supplier that sell 50 units per month or even less but are profitable when sold. I was thinking of buying several such products and sending 3-4 units of each due to the low sales volume. Now, I have two concerns

  1. Is it a good idea to go after this as an FBA wholesale seller, or are there disadvantages I might be unaware of🤔?

  2. If I buy different products and send them through a prep center, do I need a separate shipping box for each SKU, or can I put all items in one box with FNSKU labels on them? These items are very small, and I want to ensure Amazon will not have an issue upon receiving them all in one box.

Kindly guide me for both else I am wasting my time analyzing such products. Many Thanks in advance!

I will not recommend these products as with such low velocity and few units in stock you will not get the buybox share.

It would better to invest time in high velocity products. The working hours investment will be same with better return.

Yes you can send multiple asins in same box, just remember to create the shipping plan accordingly.

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You can mix asins in a box.

Do not pack first since Amazon may have you ship some to one fc and some to another fc.

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There aren’t many sellers on it, that’s why getting the BB is not an issue.

Do you mean there will be an option while creating a shipping plan to indicate that there are multiple SKUs in one box? How to create shipping plan in this case? I didn’t know that.

Oh okay, sure! Thanks for the advice

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Why dont you do FBM on these products? Just wondering, we are doing FBM and manage to generate a significant profit in a month.

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  1. No issues at all, its completely fine.
  2. It all depends how you send you stuff in, if on pallets, they can add box with mixed asins on the pallet depending how may is there. Or they can send seperate box on its own.

Since I am sending very small quantities like 3/4 of each so they would in boxes all of them together in one box not a palette, is that fine?

The only hassle is to find the products and suppliers, my job is done after shipping since Amazon handles everything so I find it easy!

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Probably just in one box all of them together. You can mix box content without problems. When I send, I have over 10 different ASINs in the same box.


Thank you so much for clarifying! Appreciate it!

In our case, we do hunting, purchasing, creating shipping labels etc etc

Only work that client does is buy inventory and just pin pack and ship it to usps. We work eith him on percentage basis. So we make when the client makes.