I have a question about "HAZMAT" Dangerous goods


So I am trying to create a shipping label for my product for FBA and my ptoduct is NOT a dangerous product but Amazon categorizes it as a dangerous product and I already submitted the form which I check the boxes that states that my product doesnt contain any chemicals or harmful ingredients.

I already did that once but Amazon said the form was incomplete and they could not make a decision.

Last night I sent the form again and it is now under review

Not classified: Under review

This ASIN is under dangerous goods review, which will take two business days.

This is normal ? What can I do if I keep getting the same message that Amazon cannot verify or that the form is incomplete/etc

Is there a way to reach out to Amazon for them to check this for me ??

Thank you in advance.

You sent the form, so Amazon is reviewing it. At this point, you all you can do is wait for them to complete the review.


It’s quite common for Amazon to review products labeled as hazardous or dangerous goods, even if they’re not hazardous. The “Under Review” status means they’re carefully assessing your product’s classification. Make sure your submission form is complete and the information is clear.


Thank you all for your responses. I have opened a case and contacted Amazon support as well as called and spoke to the support team. I re-uploaded the exception form and now I have to wait 2 business days. Hopefully it is cleared soon.

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