I am trying to get Olay brand ungated

Hello everyone.

Since when do we need to send an invoice with 100 units?

I was so blind thinking that I can get ungated only with 10 units. It looks like Amazon applies rules different, depending on the age of the seller account

On every product Amazon does mention with the quantity it requires for ungating. Mostly 10 but few with 100 and even fewer with 180+ quantity.

Yes this is the new norm- sometimes 10, 50 or 100

I am not surprised, constantly dancing around hot coals with Amazon.

Just keep selling other brands, you will be auto ungated for this eventually like I did.

I am aware that many sellers were using hacks such as ungating major brands by purchasing the requested 10 units of the cheapest product possibly available - making it too obvious that all they want is easy ungating and there is nothing genuine about their way of sourcing.

Let’s say purchasing 10 units of batteries to ungate Sony, Samsung etc… So Amazon raised the minimum order quantity in some categories where the products can be cheap and a minimum order quantity of 10 units is too low and insufficient.