I am aspiring to be an amazon seller

I want to work in US market on amazon wholesale FBA. I have done 03 months course on amazon FBA in an institute in Karachi, Pakistan and I have watched many videos on YouTube for learning. I have few questions:

1- What are the challenges in wholesale FBA model?

2- How can I get advanced knowledge and learning about amazon wholesale business, so I don’t go into loss as I don’t have experience in this

3- How to make sure my account don’t get suspended or blocked, as i have heard many accounts from Pakistan are getting suspended or banned?

4- How much investment is sufficient for amazon wholesale business for US market?

I would appreciate any guidance in this regard. I have found this community to be a good source of knowledge, i appreciate efforts of all the people to make this community great



In my personal opinion, it’s enough startup capital. Make sure you source inventory from brands’ authorized distributors or manufacturers. The best way to find them is to email the brand and ask for an account or a list of their authorized distributors. You’ll gain advanced knowledge as you go through your practical selling journey. Don’t violate Amazon’s Terms of Service. In case you still get suspended, keep the documentation ready to demonstrate your authenticity.

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Thanks brother for your kind response and guidance. Much appreciated

First of all, bro, do not rely on an Amazon account made with Pakistani details. I had two of my accounts banned simply because they were made with Pakistani details. I wasn’t even doing generic, arbitrage, or dropshipping, etc. It was a simple wholesale product with brand approval. Anyway, I had to go a different route and made a US account using my cousin’s SSN and physical address. Since then, I haven’t faced any issues.

As for your other questions, others will be able to brief you better than I can.

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Brother thanks for your valuable advice. Much appreciated

I have been doing Amazon for the past three years with my own LLC. My account got deactivated six times, but the good thing is it was reinstated six times as well. If you do everything legitimately, you will eventually succeed.

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Thanks for your feedback brother. Much appreciated

Pakistan-based accounts are vulnerable when it comes to reselling, be it wholesale or arbitrage. Amazon asks for compliance and verifications more often than with other accounts, and most of the time, even legitimate documents get rejected. It takes multiple attempts to verify the supply chain, identity, compliance, etc.

Unfortunately, nothing can be done in this scenario except partnering with an overseas Pakistani or creating an account using the details of an overseas relative. Pakistan-based accounts are only good for private label.

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So the solution is only to partner up with an overseas Pakistani or to move abroad … correct?

Yes… More importantly, this is for Amazon USA. Amazon UK accounts created on Pakistani details are working fine.

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Thanks brother for your kind response on my query. I really appreciate it. People have provided valuable advice from their experience which is very helpful.