How would you remove this unfair feedback?

Buyer after two months leaves negative feedback and says that the VCR that I sold stop playing VHS tapes when it was shipped out it was working perfectly fine. Is there anything I can do? They left me negative feedback, and said do not buy from me.

Have you contacted the customer to work towards a resolution? A little customer service goes a long way…

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U can’t make everyone happy just move on. U don’t need a legal expert to tell you this

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Keeping in mind that I have maintained 100% positive feedback for many years, when a customer would post negative feedback (for whatever reason), I would send them a message asking what we could do to turn this into a positive experience for them. They answer.

We do whatever it takes to turn this situation around. If they don’t remove the negative feedback, I forward the messages that prove the customer was satisfied, and Seller Support would remove it for us.


Accept a return and don’t negotiate with the customer. This is not eBay. Buyers are used to hassle free returns.


Unfortunately, Amazon will only remove feedback in these instances:

  • There’s obscene or profane language present
  • It contains personally identifiable seller information like a full name, email address, or phone number
  • The feedback comment is entirely a product review

Amazon doesn’t always automatically remove these types of feedback, so be prepared to request feedback removal yourself. Note that if the comment includes a product review AND some feedback about your service, Amazon won’t remove it.


Sadly, this doesn’t sound like a comment eligible for removal. I would advise you to just wait for the defect to drop off your metrics.

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