How would you prep this product for FBA?

Hi everyone I have a new product.

The product is liquid and in small glass bottles. Any one who is doing their own prep what is the requirement for this. I bubble wrapped it and I sent it to FBA after they received it they marked it as defective. Of course support was very helpful and they gave 100 options for the problem. I removed it and the product was in bubble wrap plus a poly bag.

Item not been banned or restricted. So may all itme need bubble wrap and poly bag?

Amazon has specific guidelines for packaging liquids.

Properly preparing products that are or contain liquids, pastes, gels, and creams can help ensure they are protected from breaking or leaking throughout the fulfillment process.

Packaging liquids, pastes, gels, and creams

Important: Failure to comply with FBA product preparation requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions may result in the refusal of inventory at the Amazon fulfillment center, disposal or return of inventory, blockage of future shipments to the fulfillment center, or charges for unplanned services.