How would you package an item too large for a poly bag?

I am at the beginning of my journey and I found an item that is too large for a poly bag. What should I do? I don’t want to risk any damage.

Its not a good idea as a new seller to select a product with large size try to select a product having standard size

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You don’t have to polybag everything so depends what the product is. It’s mainly small loose items that require a polybag.

It is a swiffer wet jet. I thought the rule was, if you can touch the actual product, it needs to be bagged.

That’s not true.

Having the models of Swiffer Wet Jets that come packaged would work just fine.




If the item you found is too large for a poly bag, you can consider using other packaging options like boxes or bubble mailers. Just make sure to choose packaging that provides enough protection for your item during shipping.

In the start you should go for small size and light weight product because its affected shipping costs but if you have budget you can go for it…but make sure first you done proper validation of your product.

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Why are you so keen on using polybags? While they are economical, they might not convey the premium quality you want when selling high-end products. Poly bags are really not the way to go. The best thing to do is to stitch the polybag and opt for cardboard boxes or other safer and more professional packaging.

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Oh, okay. Thank you for the honest feedback, I will think about it.

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You’re welcome.

All the best…

If it’s got liquid in it it’ll need a polybag. When I created a shipping plan for similar items, Amazon gave me packing instructions to put it into Poly bags.

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