How we use AI to deliver customer orders with less packaging

Announcement reposted from Amazon United States:

If you sell with Fulfilment by Amazon, the boxes or mailers that your products are sent to customers in are likely selected by artificial intelligence (AI).

We’re working hard to reduce packaging waste, but choosing the optimal packaging that both reduces waste and protects products can be challenging.

Our AI model – the Package Decision Engine – uses a combination of deep machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision to determine the most efficient packaging for each product. For example, it can predict when a more durable product like a blanket doesn’t need protective packaging or when a potentially fragile item like a set of dinner plates might need a studier box.

The model helps to reduce the number of cardboard boxes, air pillows, tape and mailers used to send purchases to customers and along with other packaging innovations has helped avoid more than 2 million tons of packaging material worldwide since 2015.

Prior to the use of AI, Amazon associates used physical testing on individual products to determine how to optimize packaging, but that work was impossible to scale through human efforts alone. The Package Decision Engine has helped automate portions of this work, allowing Amazon associates to focus on addressing other sustainability challenges.

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