How to uncover your competitors' PPC strategies by using hourly keyword rank tracking?

When we use the ASIN lookup tool to check out our competitors’ ASINs for their hourly organic and Sponsored Product (SP) rankings, we can pick up some valuable insights:

  1. Analyzing ad placements helps us determine what kinds of ads our competitors are running and how much traffic they’re getting.

  2. Keeping an eye on ad traffic trends lets us see if our competitors are changing up their ad spending strategy.

  3. By filtering ad placements, we can pinpoint the keywords our competitors are going after.

  4. Tracking SP rankings helps us gauge how competitive the keywords our competitors are bidding on are.

  5. Taking a peek at hourly SP rankings helps us spot times when our competitors aren’t running ads. For instance, in the Image below, as a competitor’s budget for a specific keyword shrinks, their SP ranking’s daily appearance window gets shorter, creating an opportunity.


Thank you for sharing, this is very helpful! :smiling_face:

Feel free to publish any further guides addressing PPC topics.

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Doesn’t this only become helpful for small sellers? Aren’t the top sellers running ads 24/7?

For top sellers, they are competing for the high SP rank too and knowing the competitor’s strategy will help them to make more timeliness and efficient strategy.