How to tackle low inventory fee, am i best deleting those listings?

Im fairly new, going wide on inventory and testing products, some sku’s are out of stock and dont plan on replenishing until i get more capital, so at the moment im just testing different products.

But unsure on what to do here, i do plan on restocking but not yet, am i best deleting those listings so i don’t get charged?

If you are a new seller, don’t panic. Amazon does not charge for a year for new sellers. Delete the products you don’t want to run

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For products that you think are not selling well, you can delete them. For the list of products that you want to continue to replenish, you can close the list, replenish the inventory, and open Amazon again.

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Hi @Yusaf,

we had a long discussion regarding this topic here. Please check:

When faced with low inventory fees, deleting listings may not always be the best solution. Here are some alternative strategies you can consider to tackle low inventory fees:

  1. Evaluate demand: Review the sales performance and demand for each of your listings. If certain products consistently sell well or have the potential for increased demand, it may be worthwhile to keep those listings active despite low inventory.

  2. Adjust pricing: Experiment with pricing strategies to stimulate sales and reduce inventory levels. Consider offering discounts, promotions, or bundling options to encourage customers to purchase the remaining inventory.

  3. Optimize inventory management: Improve your inventory management practices to minimize excess inventory and avoid low stock situations. Implement strategies such as just-in-time ordering, forecasting demand more accurately, and closely monitoring inventory levels to optimize stock levels.

  4. Bundle or liquidate inventory: Create bundles or multi-packs with low-selling items to increase their perceived value and facilitate faster clearance. Alternatively, consider liquidating slow-moving inventory through clearance sales, auctions, or third-party liquidation platforms.

  5. Negotiate with suppliers: Discuss inventory management and ordering options with your suppliers. They may be willing to adjust order quantities, delivery schedules, or pricing terms to help you manage inventory levels more effectively.

  6. Consider fulfillment options: Evaluate whether using Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) services can help optimize inventory management and reduce storage fees. Each option has its own benefits and costs, so choose the one that aligns best with your business needs.

Before deciding to delete listings, carefully weigh the potential impact on sales, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance. Deleting listings should be a strategic decision based on thorough analysis and consideration of alternative solutions.