How to source your products in high quality and reasonable price from China

Hi guys, how do you source your products from China? On Alibaba, right? However, how can you reach a good supplier because there’re so many suppliers with different quality and different prices?
Pictures always look good. Their sayings are always good. Samples are always good. BUT, final production is BAD! You can’t know the quality until they’re sold on Amazon.
Therefore, how to ensure good quality?

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To ensure good quality, it is a very good idea to build long time business relationships with suppliers or agents by ordering from them repeatedly over a long period of time.

In such case, they will do everything to ensure you come back with new orders.

Hi Kika,

Yes, your thinking is halfly correct. Sorry for my frankness.
Chinese suppliers may do this order well but next order badly. Not always good. So we can watch their work and do inspection for every order. Very necessary to do this.

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