How to select keywords for PPC ads? Sharing experience

Sharing thoughts on selecting keywords for PPC advertising, with illustrations for reference. If you find anything inappropriate, please feel free to point it out.

1. In the bestselling and new arrival categories, select the top 5 to6 products with the highest similarity to your own, totaling 10-12 product ASINs.

2. Investigate the keywords for these products and identify keywords with traffic ratio ranking in the top 100 and a conversion rate lower than 50%. Create a keyword list from these keywords. Having keywords with the top3 ASIN conversion rate lower than 50% ensures decent conversions even for products ranked lower.

3. Eliminate keywords beyond the top 10,000 in ABA ranking and those with a purchase rate lower than 1%.

By periodically searching for keywords in this way, you can acquire the latest high-traffic, highly relevant, and conversion-assured keywords.

After placing PPC advertising, you can check your sponsor ad rank and organic rank of different keywords, and adjust from broad match to exact match based on sale performance.

Hello @Reneewu,

welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your guide :slight_smile:

I am sure many sellers will find it helpful :ok_hand:

It is missing the most important information.
Total units sold based upon the “keyword” vs. number of listings.

When you have 100 sellers with the same/like kind and the marketplace only sells 10 of those items per week it does not do any good to use PPC ads (((total units sold)/ (number of sellers)) < 1). When the ratio of sold to sellers ratio > 1 ppc optimization would be useful.

Everyone will eventually sell something due to the “sharing the wealth” part of the amazon seller manipulation.

Kika, thanks! I will share my experience and discuss it with more sellers here.

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You’re right, sellers should choose a good product before doing the PPC. My experience is for Amazon sellers who already have the product list. Thanks for your sharing.


Feel free to prepare more similar guides or share any informative posts which you have :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing this insightful information @Reneewu. Can I do PPC with Individual account plan?

As I know, the individual account can’t place the PPC ads.