How to save the filter keyword whenever I want to adjust the bid for the a group of keyword to save time and effectively?

Hi everyone,

I hope that there is an advice from everyone with my main struggle of managing PPC keyword in each portfolio for private label.

Currently I saved the PPC structure as: SKU + keyword+ Ads Type and using Filter by Campaigns and Ads Group. However there is no SELECT ALL the keyword option button, I have press ‘’ Add’’ button for each keywords, which takes too much times and not effective while I have several products and hundreds keywords in each portfolio needs to be adjusted…

Is there the other ways to do it better than my current way?

Many thanks your kindly reply and answer!

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Consider using Amazon’s bulk operations feature. This allows you to make changes to multiple keywords at once, saving you time and effort. You can find this option in the Advertising Console under the ‘Bulk operations’ tab.

Additionally, using third-party tools like Seller Central automation software or external PPC management tools can provide advanced features for bulk keyword adjustments. These tools often offer more flexibility and efficiency in managing large sets of keywords across different portfolios.

I would recommend you using bulk files for PPC optimisation at scale. It will give you better control. For minor changes, you can do this from the campaign manager as well.

However, changing bids is a very sensitive matter, there are several factors to be noticed before changing the bids of some important keywords.

Would you mind telling me what your current account level TACoS is?