How to return EU FBA returns to the UK?

I have some customers that have requested to return items in the EU, leading to my items being stranded in countries like Germany and France, Amazon does not allow me to input my UK address to have the items returned, what is the best way around this ?

I only have a few items. maybe 5 ? Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks to Brexit, getting returns back is difficult. Your options:

A) have Amazon destroy them
B) send them to a returns company in the EU and get them to send them to you (costly)
C) send them to a friend in a EU country and ask them to send them to you. Depending on the product worth, this may be the best option


Thanks for the advice, i guess option C is best.

What confuses me is that i use Amazon’s “Remote Fulfilment with FBA” in which they ship FBA orders to people in Europe. It states on their page that returns are sent back to the source FBA centre in the UK or EU, yet im having orders get stuck in the EU. Do you have any idea why this is ?

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If you need help, we have a service called NoReturnlessRefunds, where you will get return addresses in every Amazon marketplace for a small fee, found at

However, if it’s just a few returns, maybe I could offer you my own EU address as a place where to ship your stranded unfulfillable FBA units.

I also need an address for the occasional return in the UK.