How to NOT reveal my name and address on amazon?

I see a lot of the Chinese successfully conceal their real names and addresses. How can I? I’m not comfortable with my personal info being out there for everyone to see.

For many obvious reasons. Safety being the first one. And also, it hinders me from sourcing. Any supplier can just look me up and see that I’m an Amazon seller and decide not to sell to me.

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How can I?

Become Chinese. They get away with a lot of things on Amazon.

I’m not comfortable with my personal info being out there for everyone to see.

I agree with you completely. We use our business name. I had to use our street address to go through the latest Amazon validation. When I tried to change back to our PO Box, Amazon suspended my account, and never sent the verification code.

I’m not really happy about it, but people come to Amazon to buy my products.

Any supplier can just look me up and see that I’m an Amazon seller and decide not to sell to me.

That’s their prerogative. There are plenty of other suppliers to choose from, so that you won’t have to deceive any of them.


Wow, you can’t even change your own address anymore. What’s the issue with your PO Box?

And yes. Becoming Chinese would solve a lot of things. For one, I’d spend less time drying myself after showering, The Chinese don’t have much body hair.

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There’s no issue with our PO Box. We’ve used it for years. I got the idea to change it back because I noticed them being used by other sellers.

The Chinese don’t have much body hair.

Ha, ha. Good one!

All of my suppliers are USA based manufacturers, and they all have MAP agreements. So, the only way I can sell them is on my website.

Your best bet is to find an authorized wholesaler, or distributor of the products you want to sell. There are also sites where the manufacturers offer their merchandise at wholesale prices.

I sell toys and kids jewelry. This is one that I use.

I bookmarked this one the other day. Don’t know much about them.

I wish you much success…


You have every right to be concerned about that. A while back we had in issue at our place that was seconds away from being on the national news. Can we trace it back to amazon address exposure, no. Regardless you need to be prepared for the worst.

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Many are side stepping paying taxes in the USA. The account is listed as china and yet they ship all the goods into the USA and ship within the USA and do not pay any tax on profits…hmmmmmm…

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The only comfort I gain by having my address visible on Amazon? Our warehouse is located 14-miles away.


For those who are using a P.O. Box, where are you inserting the address within the Account Info section to achieve that it gets shown on the public side of your store?

Faire is trash. Not sure how you’re able to make a profit using them. Anything I’m missing?

The PO Box was entered where street address went. But, I just got to this page:

HOWEVER, when a buyer clicks on our profile, it displays MY NAME and street address. It is supposed to show my Display Name, which is the name of our company?

I guess I will see what Seller Support has to say about it?

P.S. I think I will change back to my PO Box after Halloween, and before Christmas.

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I would also like to update my Seller Account so that my own address isn’t displayed.

However, as you know, there are multiple address fields.

Which field is the one, where you home address is inserted (and not the P.O. Box)?

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That would be the first, default address field.

Part of Seller Support’s reply:

We would like to inform you that we will display a seller’s legal business name and address on their Seller Profile page as entered in the Legal Entity field of the Business Information Widget under Account Settings. Both values reflect what the business provided during their Tax Interview.

By going through the Tax Interview again, they say I can change from my name to my company name.

I will try to change both seller name and PO Box after Halloween.

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I will try it, thank you!

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