How To Get Variations Product From Amazon seller-central API

I am integrating Amazon for a store. In Amazon, every product has a default variation, but I couldn’t find it in Amazon’s documentation, has anyone experienced this process?

I am reading this document but i can’t find it .

I want to get a variation of every classification ID without ASIN number. By the way of example Books doesn’t have default variation but shoes have default variations (size - color )
I need to obtain a list of variations in every category with api.

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Here is a step-by-step approach to obtaining a list of variations for each category using the Selling Partner API:

  1. Use the GetProductCategoriesForSKU operation to retrieve the productCategoryId for a specific SKU. This operation requires the Seller SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) as input.
  2. Once you have the productCategoryId, you can use it to call the ListVariations operation. This operation will provide you with the list of variations for that particular category.
  3. Iterate through the variations list to extract the attributes and information you need for your integration.
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