How to get all seller listings?

I need to get data about all listings in my Amazon Seller Central account.

I checked the available reports that Amazon can generate, and the best is the open listings report - best - I mean that it gives more data than other reports, but still lacks much, for example, EANs, photo URLs.

However, the open listings report have one issue: It crops the long titles of the listings and places a “…” postfix. It also adds a product type string to the titles, like “Title [Electronics]”.

So, while the open listings report can be used as “something is better than nothing”, I need something more decent.

Is there something else that can be used to accomplish my task, or is that report is the best I can get?

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Hello @Bobbie,

You can request a “GET_MERCHANT_LISTINGS_DATA” report from Amazon MWS, which will give you the most data, including the photo URLs.

Unfortunately, the title data is still shortened and the product type is still added.

A list of all inventory reports can be found in the documentation.

You could also try using the Products API.

This will give you very detailed data about each product with the correct titles, but you have to send a query to get results instead of getting everything in a single report.