How to Enroll in Amazon Banner Ads System

I plan to enroll in Amazon Banner Ads system, Please tell me how to approach them?


Once you have an Amazon Advertising account, navigate to the campaign creation section. Look for the option to create a “Banner Ads” campaign. Click on it to begin the process.

Are those ads that have offsite links or do they loop to amazon?
Years ago they had program we were in that was for offsite links and it work extremely well. They stopped it, curious if they have restarted it.

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It seems like the Banner Ads feature is still available:


I reckon they might not let you include links to other sites. I found this page:

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I was checking it all out and in typical amazon fashion they hide the critical points a/k/a ghosting any thing negative. Did you read what they do not allow, not even a bow and arrow. Some of the restrictions I must certainly agree with however,.

Back when they did allow links to your website you had to option to only display on amazon properties or external sites too. Just showing on amazon proper cut out all the click fraud so it made the CPC a good value investment. Since it worked for us amazon did not want to actually help a small company out, their agenda is all about amazon.

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