How to Create a "2 Pack"

I have a product I sell as a single item now. I want to send it into FBA but as a 2 pack variation. So I would still sell the single pack FBM but the new listing would be a 2 pack sent FBA

Is there a simple way to achieve this? Do I just make a parent listing then add the existing item under the parent and then add a new listing for the 2 pack?

Or is there a more simple way?

The simple way you mentioned in your post.

  • Create a parent listing for your product.
  • Add the existing single pack as a child variation under the parent listing, with FBM as the fulfillment method.
  • Create a new child variation for the 2-pack version under the parent listing, with FBA as the fulfillment method.

This way, you’ll have a parent listing with two variations: the single pack (FBM) and the 2-pack (FBA).


Hi JoelRomero,

Not all categories allow variations.

What you would like to create is a multi-pack. Amazon has provided detailed instructions for creating multi-pack listings.

UPC Guidelines for multi-packs

Additional informaton and examples are found on a separate page.



Thank you everyone for your suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re welcome, and best wishes.