How to choose freight forwarder for international shipping

If you are an import seller and looking for a reliable forwarder?

  1. Make sure to find a qualified freight forwarding company. Although some unqualified companies have low prices, your goods will be at risk, such as: lost or detained by customs
  2. Confirm the minimum chargeable weight. Different transportation channels have different minimum chargeable weights. For example, the minimum chargeable weight for air DDP freight is 21kg. If you want to go by sea, only 10kg of goods will be counted as 21kg.
  3. The price of most freight forwarders is the range price, the more goods, the cheaper the price will be
  4. The material, brand of the goods, whether it is electrified or not, magnetic or not,will affect the freight. Tell the freight forwarder to get an accurate quotation.
  5. You need to ask the freight forwarder about the weight limit of a single box and the size of the limit, because there will be additional surcharges for overweight or overlength.
  6. It is necessary to ask how long the freight forwarder is valid, because some are cheap for a long time, and some are faster but the price is a little more expensive, the faster the price, the more expensive, so why there is a difference in the price quoted by the freight forwarder, and it is also convenient to find a freight forwarder for quotation Time to compare prices and timeliness.
  7. It is necessary to ask whether the freight forwarder has other hidden costs. If there is a requirement to report a specific cost, such as inspection fee, customs clearance fee, customs prepayment, etc.

Anyone else want to share experiences?

Thank you for sharing the tips @Mia.

Personally, I don’t think a freight forwarder is necessary at all. It is just an extra step, which costs you money and could lead to your inventory getting lost.

I prefer having my inventory shipped directly by the supplier into FBA.

No,actually your supplier also use us freight forwarders for shipping,it will be more direct to communicate with us, and you may be able to get a lower price than supplier’s freight

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