How to check out how your Amazon competition's doing with their traffic strategies all at once?

Just head to the keyword analysis tool and pick ‘Multi-ASIN Analysis.’ Pop in 5-20 ASINs, and voila:

  1. See who’s rocking the most traffic and snagging the most keywords. You’ll get the lowdown on how much of that traffic’s organic versus coming from ads. Take men’s backpacks, for example—those top dogs with the most traffic and keywords? They’re pulling in over 30% from ads. Serious PPC action, right?

  2. Find out how many keywords are driving traffic to these players. These top 10 ASINs are raking in traffic from a whopping 7,053 keywords! And there’s more—you can dive into details like ‘Search Frequency Rank’ and ‘Top 3 click share’ for these keywords.

  3. Click on ‘Traffic Share’ to see how these ten ASINs’ traffic percentages have shifted over 180 days. Plus, get the hourly scoop on their organic and SP rankings.


Thank you for sharing the helpful guidance @Reneewu! :slight_smile:

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