How to apply for own ASINs

As brand owner, I have products ready to be shipped to amazon but I am having trouble figuring out the labels. According to amazon requirements, my products are not eligible for using my own manufacturer codes because they have an expiry date.
When I start a shipment though under the 'information/action" it shows “no labelling required” and further down that I have to print box labels.

What should I do if I want amazon to label my products? Should I choose also under the " FBA Product Barcode Preference" the “Amazon barcode”?I have already activated FBA Label service, but still when it comes to send a shipment to amazon the step of print box labels still there.

Question 2
How can I apply to brand registry in order to receive my own ASINs? The products barcodes of our brand are unique to us and I would like to use those ones instead amazon making new ones.

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Hi @ Bobbie,

Each carton you send to Amazon fulfilllment centers has two labels; a Shipping label, and a Box label.

Send to Amazon: Print box labels

To be eligible for the FBA Label Service, your product needs to have a single scannable barcode (GCID, UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN) that corresponds to an ASIN in Amazon’s online catalog. If they do not have a scannable barcode, you will need to label the units yourself.

FBA Label Service

You are most likely receiving the “no labeling required” default because you did not choose the Amazon barcode option. To change to Amazon barcodes you will have to take the following steps.

Change to Amazon barcode by creating a new product offer

The information necessary to apply for Amazon Brand Registry an be found in the following Article.

Amazon Brand Registry


Hi @FunkyMonkey,

thank you for the detailed response :slight_smile:

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You’re wlecome, and best wishes.