How send my warehouse products quantity to amazon


Is there possibility to send to amazon quantity (in my warehouse) of my single or many products registered in amazon at once?

I’m not quite sure what you mean, can you please clarify your query?

When I add new product to amazon I can set quantity not from amazon warehouse but from our warehouse. How can I refresh quantities of our products from our warehouses by MWS services ?

Unfortunately I cannot help you with MES issues - you can sign up to MWs and contact the correct support via the link below:

The MWS forum got a problem, I try to create a post and got an error ith redirections loop, please report this someone.

The MWS section of the forums are working as designed - the is no UK version of the MWS forum.

You will need an account to post in the MWS forums. As advised you can contact the MWS team directly from the link I provided.

this same problem, screen in attachment

As advised in my last reply you will need to have an seller account to post in the MSW section of the forums.

There are no MWS forums on Amazon UK which is why you are being directed to If you want to post a question you will need to open a .com seller account.

Otherwise please contact the MWS team directly via the link I sent to you in my first reply.

I log in from .com address!ask.jspa?forumID=35&ref_=xx_sfask_conr_sffrm35

Few months agonits working without problems because I create some posts on that forum of MWS you got an error probably

There’s not much more I can do from here I’m afraid.

If you have an seller account and you cannot long into the seller forums there may be a log in issue with your account. Please contact the seller support teams for assistance.

Remember an account is completely separate from an account so you cannot log into the .com seller forums using your UK log in details.


Yes, it is possible to send the quantity of your products in your warehouse to Amazon for multiple products registered on Amazon at once. To accomplish this, you can use the Amazon MWS (Merchant Web Services) API.

The MWS API provides various operations and feeds to manage your inventory, including updating product quantities. Here are the general steps you can follow:

  1. Retrieve your inventory data: Use the ListInventorySupply operation in the MWS Inventory API to retrieve the current inventory quantities for your products. This operation allows you to get the available quantity for your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers.
  2. Prepare the quantity feed: Based on the inventory data from your warehouse, create a feed or file that contains the updated quantities for each product you want to update on Amazon. This feed needs to be in the required format, such as XML or flat file format, depending on the API operation you choose.
  3. Submit the quantity feed: Use the appropriate API operation to submit the quantity feed to Amazon. For example, you can use the SubmitFeed operation in the MWS Feeds API to upload your feed file.
  4. Monitor feed processing: After submitting the feed, you can use the GetFeedSubmissionResult operation to check the processing status and results of your feed submission. This will allow you to verify if the quantities were successfully updated on Amazon.

Please note that the specific API operations and feed formats may vary depending on your integration method and the version of the MWS API you are using. It’s important to refer to the official Amazon MWS documentation and API guides for detailed information on the available operations and feed formats.

Additionally, it’s recommended to test the feed submission and processing using a small set of products initially to ensure the accuracy of the data and to familiarize yourself with the process. This will help you avoid any unintended changes to your inventory.

I hope this helps you understand the general process of updating product quantities for multiple products registered on Amazon using the MWS API. If you need further assistance, feel free to ask!

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