How not to apply to Amazon Brand Registry

Hi guys,

new member here and I want to share about how I botched my first brand registry attempt.

I did all my research, applied for a trademark with the USPTO via the TEAS Plus application, got the application published and received my serial number.

Well, while going through amazons brand registry application, I was absolutely caught off guard by the questions they’ve asked - and by the way, the more Amazon content I read and deal with, the more I realize how completely out of wack the quality of their content is, they must not have a very high standard for QA (I’m a project manager).

Anyway, the first question I stumble on is…

“Upload proof of arrangement between your brand and the third party manufacturer”

Uh… you mean an arrangement between my COMPANY? Which OWNS my brand?

So if the contract has my company name, am I not eligible for brand registry?!


“Upload a copy of any recent sourcing/manufacturing/supply invoice … which includes one or more of the brands product names”

Umm what?

I mean, yea, had I been aware this was a requirement before I made orders from several different factories to ship me my product so that I can put it all together, I would maybe have them mention my brand name in the invoice.

There are no real options to explain your nuances (well, there is the “reply” button available AFTER you submit the application) and it just seems like whoever designed the damn thing is very close minded and not experienced.

There are many many other issues I can go on and on.

What can you share about your brand registry experience and what can I expect from Amazon in my case? I literally had to forge some of my contracts to use my brand name in the orders to submit this thing. The problem is I was so irritated that I botched the first two forms by uploaded a wrong document in the first one and closing the second application by accident. The third one is “Pending Amazon review”


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Simply Upload your sourcing invoice from the supplier mentioned with your Brand name that you have applied for Trademark.

And show them your Trademark application.

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My application got approved yesterday.

The problem is when I was sourcing my products I didn’t include my brand name anywhere as part of the deal. How was I supposed to know to do that?

Just request Your Supplier to provide you with an invoice Including your Brand mentioned on the Top with your Other Details like address, phone number etc.

Invoice should be Stamped from the supplier.