How much should I spend on PPC for a new product launch?

What are your best practices?


It is difficult to tell exact figures because PPC cost depends on niche of product and CPC.


As for the initial budget, you will need to spend a little PPC at the beginning to get your brand noticeable. Maybe 300-500$.

Until you get two or three sales. Then everyday you lower your PPC by 10%. Until you come down to about 5$/week per product. Ofcourse you need to watch your sales gearing towards a better ACOS every couple of days. And if your BSR is lower than 1000, I would do away with PPC altogether for that item.

Also, negate all the kw that you might think are not relevant to your product that causing high ACOS. optimized your listing. Have a good copy, high-quality images, videos, and A+ content. If you can utilize other Soc media platforms like FB, Instagram, and Tiktok that can give your product outside traffic, it’s a good option as well. Avoid broad kw for now, as much as possible try to advertise for long tail kw with Manual as ad type and exact match. Check your competitors and compare your pricing.

High ad spending during the launching phase is a bitter pill to swallow if your goal is ranking.


It needs to be a business decision you have to make on your own. The best rule of thumb is to figure how much you’re willing to lose without ever making a profit. You can go as low as $5 a day or $1 a day. More money doesn’t equate to more sales because the ads still need to be optimized with negative keywords and you’ll want to make sure the ad campaign aligns with your goal.

Here is an example:

$5 for 1 campaign gets $0 today. However $5 for another campaign gets 4% ACOS


You are most certainly 100% correct.


Yes it depends on the product`s category and demand but if want to have a idea on newly launched product you should invest $100 a day


Of course this will depend specifically on the product, but really comes down into what you’re trying to get ranked for and whether or not you’re only strategy for getting ranked is PPC

Which I see most people doing, which really is not the best way to do things as the best way to do. Things is a combination of PPC and doing giveaways

But I realize most people don’t know or don’t have the capacity to do that

Either way, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or any clarification, happy to help


Thank you all :smiling_face: I appreciate your input - it’s very confusing trying to decide the best way to handle this. I’m still researching Amazon University, and YouTube videos.

Still trying to find some new products to sell. I’ve been at Burlington, marshals, Ross so far and no hits… I’m excited to start FBA. Any tricks or tips???


Hit CVS and Walmart. Look for reduced stickers and clearance section. Scan with the seller app and then with SAS. Stick to branded items


In the first launch stage you need to run a ppc campaign and some giveaways to build reviews after the PPC campaign your product will be organically ranked on the first page then you will decrease the bid price.

Positive reviews are very important for product sales. You will get more sales if you have more reviews.

You should run a PPC campaign with low budget and then take reviews, possibly using Amazon Vine or a giveaway.


Thank you! When you say “giveaways,” do you mean through Amazon or other way?


Giveaways through amazon’s Vine program or through listing promoters!

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