How many people have got double deductions by Amazon?

Amazon deducted all the expenses from my sales. I think that happens to every seller. But Amazon still deducted the same amount from my credit card. Has anyone else had this problem? Please let me know.

I created a case with all the screenshots on Jan. 8. The case was marked as “Transferred”: Your case has been forwarded to another Amazon team and they will contact you regarding your question. But several days have passed and nobody contacted me. Yesterday I called them and got cut off. I called again and got cut off again. I found later that they all marked the cases as “Transferred to another team…”. It seems that Amazon won’t deal with it. What can I do?

Anybody else have the same issue?

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Many sellers, including myself, faced double deductions from Amazon on sales. Despite creating a case with screenshots on Jan. 8, marked as “Transferred,” no response or resolution has been provided, and calls to Amazon support were abruptly cut off. Seeking advice on how to address this ongoing issue.


Keep using the cases and pray. Amazon people have no connection to helping. All robots, AIn and Auto service cases.

Yes. Amazon transfers cases they don’t want to deal with to “never-never land.”

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Any tips on how to escalate my case?

You can tag Amazon through Twitter

Check your payment dashboard and find out the reason, it may be charged storage cost, PPC, refund or any other cost. If you really believe Amazon charged you twice, then email your concerns to a relevant Amazon team. They will definitely respond to you.