How many barcodes do I need to provide to my supplier?


hoping someone can answer this…

We are finalizing our first order through Alibaba. We are doing FBA. We have sent the barcodes for each item, however the manufacturer keeps saying we need labels for the outside of the cartons (I’m assuming this is the shipping label) however, today they said we need to send a barcode on the barcode.

Any idea what they are asking for?

We are so confused at this point as to what exactly they need.

It’s best to ask them for a picture example of what they’re talking about.


Yes. Each carton needs a unique Box Label.

Send to Amazon: Print box labels


You need carton labels. For every carton you are sending has to have them so Amazon can identify your cartons. So if you are sending 2 cartons, they will say 1/2 2/2 so Amazon knows that there are only 2 you have sent. They are usually given when you set up the shipping. You also need the shipping labels.


I think, manufacturer wants you to put a barcode on the outside of each carton for shipping purposes.

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FNSKU labels? You just need SKU for the product and shipping label for cartons. Ask your supplier what kind of label they need.

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I sent those too and they said, this is for products we need them for outside cartons. So I asked, do you need the shipping labels? and they said I need barcode on the barcode

Yes. FNSKU stickers are for your products,

we need them for outside cartons.

Unless you are shipping pallets, you need a shipping (mailing) label, and a unique Box Label on the outside of each carton. Any other barcodes MUST be covered.

they said I need barcode on the barcode

That makes no sense whatsoever. You already sent the FNSKU labels, you need to send them a Shipping Label for each carton, and a Box Label for each carton.

That’s it.


They means FBA box labels. Have you created shipping plan on seller central?