How long will my FBA listing remain inactive?

Hello everyone,

I’ve shipped my first SKU to an Amazon warehouse. The shipment status shows as “Receiving.” However, my listing status remains inactive and appears “out of stock.” Could any experienced sellers here provide insight into how long it typically takes for a listing to become active after shipment?

Thank you!


When receiving starts, items are often available for sale right away. Sometimes, they go on warehouse transfer so it might take a couple of days longer.

Amazon may also be doing some verifications, for example size and weight.

Assuming there is no issue with your listing and the items are not stranded, they should be available for sale soon. How long has it been?


From my own experience, stock will often start showing as “Active” as soon as you enter the tracking number into the shipment. This is called “In-stock head-start”.

Have you entered a tracking number into the system?

If you don’t have tracking, then you will usually have to wait until the whole stock gets received before the listing becomes active.


This is normal…just be patient


No way to know. Sometimes items are buyable as soon as you ship them and other times might take over a month.

Don’t worry about it and just keep feeding the beast!

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I see that the status of the shipment is still “receiving,” so most likely your units are either inbound or in FC transfer. Go to your inventory, click the drop-down menu to see where the stock is exactly, and share a screenshot with us.

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Your stock is being processed so is fine. It will become available very soon.