How long does it take to "rank the product" and get "organic sales"?

What’s the point in selling on amazon if all my profit keeps being stolen in the name of PPC for the next two years?

After two years, no one might even need the product anymore as better options may become available.

Well it all depends on your PPC strategy.

Usually what I believe is your first inventory is usually in loss because of the expenses including PPC and you can consider your second inventory to be profitable.

When you say first inventory, how many units do you mean? 100, 200 or million?

At least 500

PPC is just one strategy for a product. Unfortunately products go out of favor naturally. I wouldn’t say the second inventory is always profitable, maybe sometimes less of a loss :rofl:


Most of the people who lose money doing PPC are doing brand name reselling which is the only time PPC can be useless . If you are selling a top 100 board game or razor like their first page shows then the volume is so high if you are lowest price ppc isn’t needed

If you are creating a listing from scratch or private label there is probably nobody who would say PPC is a waste .

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