How is actually correct to make changes in seller central when you want to switch to LLC?

Hello everyone,

is anybody here who has an LLC in US and opened the Amazon seller central with his own details?

Do you change all official business address, legal entity, business address and phone number, with the LLC’ ones?

And after you go Tax info and update everything there too?

The problem is if I choose between INDIVIDUAL and Business ,two different forms are coming up:


and W-8BEN

I live in Romania and I am not an US citizen.


I think is easier to close existing account and open one on business, with different email.

Just inform Amazon first.

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This would mean all sales history and ungated listings would be lost…it can be changed very easily.

I switched from personal to business. This is what you do:

Open a case to let Amazon know what your intentions are.

After receiving a response, then change your business info, and tax info. You will need an ein to do that.

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The change I want to make is to register somehow the LLC in Seller Central but I want to make sure I fill in the right details.

And how do I pass the initial interview if I am not US citizen and have no US address? Sorry, just trying to make sense…I have an LLC in Wyoming…

All this info should be on LLC address, name…now they are on my name and my residential address from Ro


I have EIN. Tax info…also everything should be as: if I choose Business then I have to tick US person, ( which I am not) all these makes me confused

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