How does Amazon determine which FBA warehouse to send the products to?

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If I want to ship directly from the factory/supplier in China to Amazon’s warehouses in USA and Canada, is there a way to request shipping my products to West Coast warehouses (in California or British Columbia for Canada)?

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Amazon will determine in their sole discretion the Amazon fulfillment center to which each shipment is assigned. The Amazon fulfillment center assigned may be different for each shipment that you create,


Yes, you can request to ship your products to specific Amazon FBA fulfillment centers, including those on the West Coast. When creating your shipment plan on Amazon Seller Central, you can specify the preferred fulfillment center location.

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Thank you. Where do I find this setting?

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You don’t. It doesn’t exist.

No, as @FunkyMonkey says, you can’t choose your preferred fulfillment centre. There are no such options. Inventory placement service will allow you to avoid split shipments, however you will still need to ship to Amazon’s selected FBA warehouse.

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