How do you sort amazon orders and payments for your accountancy system

Hey Everyone,
I wonder if someone can give me and others advice.
I am not sure how you are sorting the amazon orders and payments from amazon, but the way I do, I find it very time consuming and frustrating, so I wonder if there is another way to do it.

Currently I am downloading the transaction report and then sorting manually the spreadsheet that it would fit my FreeAgent accountancy software which takes ages and then import them to the system. It works well (takes very long time) but I manage to import every order and then withdrawals link to the bank statement and specify amazon fees and etc.
But not I have a problem with the international marketplaces like DE ES and etc. All the transactions are made in euros, but the actual money are converted before they are coming to my account.
Can I ask you how do you sort them out? I got hundreds transactions to sort, but not sure how to do? Is there any quick way to do so?

I hope it make sense, and you guys can give me and others advice. I think it will be very useful to know especially when the tax year is ending.

If you need any info, please let me know.

Thank you in advance

Not sure if this helps.
Like you we export all the sales in csv, I then import them into a basic database I created just so that I can format it the way I want. Your doing it via excel manually.
We use Quickbooks and an app called transaction Pro to import the data. My accounts package has one Amazon customer per country, UK, ES, FR etc. Each are setup according to the currency, the orders are imported and the actual customer details populate the ship-to section.

So I have limited customers but multiple orders but most important they are imported into pound or euro holding accounts.

When we get the disbursement notice we then know the exchange rate so it’s a simple task to tick the orders that are paid into our bank using the disbursement report and the exchange rate used at the time to transfer the figures into the physical pound account.

It’s actually quite quick and very accurate.

Hope this gives some pointers.


I have asked Amazon if there is a monthly or annual report for Amazon Payments and fees but no one knows the answer - seems like a fundemental requirement to me.

Ok I have a solution now from Amazon as follows:

+I have talked to a colleague from CBA Programm.+

+When you are logged in into your Seller Central Account. You need to switch the drop down menu next to the search line to Checkout by Amazon UK (Production view)+
+After that you go to+

+Reports Payments Section.+

+here is a Link:+


+in thi you can either get a statement report which is downloadable.+

+Or you can go to Transaction View filter for example for last 180 days and see all the transactions done.+
+With that you can also see a column where the fees are stated.+

This works - I have downloaded a report for the last 3 tax years.

Not sure what the CBA programme stands for, but I’ll make a guess :slight_smile:

Thank your for your answer. Sorry it took so long to reply. Thats the way I thought I will do as I am using FreeAgent software to handle all our accountancy. But may I ask you how you find out at what rate was the euros exhanged? I thought I knew but it seems I cannot find the info.
If you be so kind and let me know it would be superb! Thank you for you time to asnwer!
Because we got over 500 transaction which are overdue to import :frowning: