How do you send shipment to Amazon facility?

Some time ago I got inventory shipment sent to my home bc I couldn’t figure out how to have it shipped to the Amazon warehouse close to me. Ever since i been sitting in my product doing nothing with it. How can I get it shipped to the warehouse from my address and have orders fulfilled by amazon moving forward?

Send/replenish inventory to Amazon

You will not be able to select which Fulfillment center will receive your shipment. Amazon will make that decision. Just following their instructions.


Sounds like you should look into using a prep center. Then you can ship products there and they will prep, label and create your shipping plans so that Amazon can fulfill.

You don’t normally send inventory directly to Amazon unless your manufacturer or supplier added FNSKU labels for you and did any prep work required by Amazon guidelines (you would still have to add the products to your account and create a shipping plan to send to Amazon) or you are letting Amazon label your products for you (not a great idea if you know Amazon).

Since the product is at your place now you need to add the product to your inventory and create a shipping plan on Amazon. When you go to add the item it will let you know if there are any prep requirements for the product but please also use common sense. Amazon is not going to repackage your item they will simply throw it in a big ol box or bubble mailer and send it out, so make sure your items are able to get to the customer safely. You can use any random box to ship into FBM as long as it is under 25 inches on all sides and under 50lbs. Amazon will ask for box contents and you can print a label right there to ship your products to their warehouse.


You’ll need to create a shipment plan in your Seller Central account, prepare your products according to Amazon’s guidelines, and then ship them to the designated Amazon warehouse address provided in your shipment plan. Once received, Amazon will handle storage, order fulfillment, and shipping for you. You can find detailed instructions and support within your Seller Central account or by contacting Amazon Seller Support for assistance with the process.