How do you get reviews on a new product launch?

I am a new Amazon seller. I’m finding it quite difficult to accumulate reviews for new products. Not including the vine program.

Any help appreciated

Price point will sell the product.

Reviews are only used by online bullies, activist buyers and other bad actors, and, let us not forget the amazon agenda.

Negative reviews primarily hurt YOUR vanity.

Amazon knows this fact, they use it to funnel you into using FBA. Notice how feedback is struck out yet still left on the site. Its to make you feel better, customers don’t care, the majority don’t. eBay and amazon have buyer protection policy the prevents ALL buyers from being damaged by a rouge seller.

So what is the need for feedback when both sites have this policy…think about that. Its a very powerful tool that is used to manipulate and control you.

Amazon uses it to drive buyers into using FBA instead of FBM sales, drive sellers into using FBA fullfilment services, see where this is going.

Its all about manipulation, the weaker your knees the more you will spend with the online marketplaces. The other site is just as bad, they have a different narrative to go by, same paradigm just different end goals.


Few ways to do it:

  1. Reach out to customers one on one

  2. Onboard to Vine program

  3. Use a Feedback/ review software to reach out to customers and get reviews

  4. Put in a QR code on the product packaging to make it easier for customers to send a review


I agree with @skeeter on the point that product reviews are not important. Most buyers are looking at price, shipping speed, product images or description. If you are able to master these points, then you will win the game.

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