How do you create your image URLs for Amazon flat files?

Hi everyone!

I’ve tried Dropbox links and used but they don’t work or I’m not sure if I’m using them right.

Please send help. Thank you so much in advance!

For Dropbox links, make sure that the shared link is set to “Anyone with the link can view” to ensure that it’s accessible. If you’re still facing issues, consider trying a different file-sharing platform like Google Drive, and ensure that the sharing settings are appropriately configured.

When using, ensure that you are using the correct link format. After uploading your image, use the “Direct link” provided by, which should end in a file extension like .jpg or .png. Double-check that the link is not broken or misspelled.

If you’re open to alternatives, consider using Amazon’s built-in image uploading tool. When creating or editing a listing, you can directly upload images from your device.