How do I remove unfair product reviews?

Hi great sellers,

I hope you are doing well. I am a new Amazon seller and I have the best quality product. I got 4 reviews of 5 stars but one person has given me only 1 star which has greatly reduced my selling. I know the feedback is wrong and assume it is one of my competitors who has done that to me.

What do you suggest I should do? I used the report button of the review but no action from Amazon yet.

Please help me with your comments.

If you are doing PL and also brand registered on Amazon, you can communicate with your customer and offer free of cost replacement or fully or partially refund if he/she remove 1 star review because I had done many times.

There’re two ways to remove negative reviews

  1. Choose to reply to the customer review directly. Find a way to fix the issue. This can reduce the damage caused to the reputation of the seller and product.

  2. If you think that the review isn’t abiding by Amazon’s guidelines, then you can request Amazon to delete the review.

Try to contact the buyer who gave you the review, send him/her (buyer) a diplomatic email, there are high chance buyer will remove the review.