How do I know how many items I can send to the Amazon warehouse?

Is there a limit for first time sellers ?

It’s all based on FBA capacity limits. You need to understand how this works before sending inventory to Amazon Fulfillment centers.


I think that the capacity limits are quite high even for new sellers - so you should be fine.


Yes you can check your capacity in shipping Tab

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Thank you! Can we ask seller support to increase the limit? If yes, how high will they increase it to?

Seller Support has nothing to do with increasing FBA capacity. Here’s how to request additional FBA capacity limits with Capacity Manager.

You need to figure out exactly how much of a capacity increase you need, because overstocking FBA fulfillment centers could cost you a “bundle” in FBA fees, including over capacity penalties.

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Yes we can ask to Amazon to increase your inventory capacity limit they will increase in 2 to 3 day’s but obviously they will charge extra.