How do I go about getting these things?

Hi y’all! My approval case is asking for an invoice, I keep sending my invoice from manufacturer but it keeps getting denied. And also it’s asking for ingredients and child safety certification.

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You can ask your suppliers for ingredients and certificates.

A CPC certificate is mandatory to sell in the child category without this you will not be able to sell in this category.

You can also get this from any lab that provide this service.



Hi @Dennis

Is your manufacturer in the USA or China?

There is a long list of requirements to sell baby food, toys and children’s equipment. I pulled up the Article on Baby Food. If it is for other kids, the requirements will be pretty much the same.

Baby Food Policy

The other information they are requesting is a Children’s Product Certificate (CPC)

This is a requirement that has very strict standards. To be honest, I’ve been selling toys for 25-years I can get this for just one of the brands I carry.

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