How do I dispute these 2 things..It’s stressing me out

Don’t worry, the “At Risk” account status will not necessarily result in a suspension. It’s just a warning to give you a heads up and let you know that you should be working on improving your metrics.

The “At Risk” status indicates that your Seller Account is currently exceeding the minimum performance targets and any additional defects could cause it to get deactivated.

This means that you should be carefully monitoring your metrics to ensure that the percentages won’t increase.

Keep in mind that your Seller Account’s metrics are always reflecting the dates, when orders were placed. Any defects are counted for orders with defects which were placed within the current ODR window.


Not sure about the dispute, but you need to increase your sales. If it was me, I would decrease my prices to go ahead and move some product to lower this percentage.

It might suck to not be as profitable or to break even, but at least you can fix the issue and move on.

Until you bring up sales, I would avoid (if possible) products that don’t allow for return unless damaged or defective. When the customer wants a refund, they will say it’s damaged even if it’s not, causing your defect rate yo increase.

Hope this helps!

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