How do I bulk remove none performing Keywords in advert campaigns

Good afternoon all, I’ve launched my first advert on Amazona and I’ve loaded 1000 keywords by 10 different products. Please, could you confirm what is the easiest way to bulk remove none performing words?

In addition, what resource did you use to identify the best keyword / negative words for your products?

My brand is a premium fruit juice product called Pago Premium Fruit Juice, so I including competitor brands & different fruit juices in the campaign.

Thanks in advance for your help.


While I don’t think it would be possible to bulk remove Keywords out of your Advertising Campaigns, maybe someone else will have an idea.

There are various tools on the internet which may help you identify the best Keywords. But it isn’t difficult to find them yourself. It should be terms which your customers use when searching for the items that you sell.

Regarding using your competitor’s brand names or other third party trademarked terms, I don’t think this is a good idea. Suspensions over sales rank manipulation where the cause was related to the use of such search terms in keywords aren’t unusual. So I would definitely avoid it.